Wooden decoration - Catch Your dream

Product description

Decorations may not only be aesthetic, but also developing. "Dreamcatchers" support the coordination of visual-auditory-motor, while stimulating the senses of the child. The familiar object placed near the crib also provides a sense of comfort, much needed after waking.
The mobile hanger can accompany the child already since the first month of its life when it begins to explore world in its eyesight. 


6 pieces of wood in the shape of a bird (titmouse, bullfinch, sparrow, swallow, blackbird and magpie) attached to an element in the shape of triangle cloud. 
Size of decoration: height - about 70cm/27.56in, triangle side - 27cm/10.63in

Workmanship and materials

All components are made of oak wood, hand-painted with enamel acrylic paint  recommended for toys, impregnated with oil produced from natural oils and waxes. All, including cutting with 
fretsaw were made by hand.

€64.00 EUR
Shipping time: 5 days

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