Wooden blocks - Ho Ho Hocus Pocus

Product description

It is obvious that children's perception of the world is radically different from adults thinking. While we are stuck in hackneyed schemes, toddlers ask more questions and prove that every challenge brings bunch of possibilities. With this belief in mind, we have created blocks Ho Ho Hocus Pocus. The geometric elements adorning them are designed  in a way that does not limit the child's imagination. This set consists of  elements that allow you to create different combinations - both abstract and realistic figures.

Skill development

Ho Ho Hocus Pocus blocks learn to recognize basic geometrical figures and dividing because of the common features. They develop visual memory and spatial orientation with creating simple composition and mosaics.


24 wooden blocks with painted geometric shapes placed in a cotton bag.
Size of one block 4cm/1.57in x 4cm/1.57in x 4cm/1.57in.

Materials and Methods

All wooden elements are made of solid pear wood, hand painted with acrylic paint recommended for toys. Each wooden piece is impregnated with oil composed of natural oils and vegetable wax.
This toy meets requirements of PN-EN 71-2 and PN-EN 71-3 standards ¨Safety for children¨ as well as DIN 53160 standard which ensure resistance for sweat and saliva.
This toy is certified by CE.

€54.00 EUR
Shipping time: 5 days

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