Wooden bird - Magpie

Product description

Decorations may not only be aesthetic, but also developing. "Magpie" support the coordination of visual-auditory-motor, while stimulating the senses of the child. The familiar object placed near the crib also provides a sense of comfort, much needed after waking.


Piece of wood in the shape of a bird tit. Size of decoration: height - about 7cm/2.76in, length - about 15cm/5.90in, thickness - about 0,4cm/0.16in.

Workmanship and materials

Bird is made of oak wood, hand-painted with enamel acrylic paint recommended for toys, impregnated with oil produced from natural oils and waxes. All, including cutting with fretsaw were made by hand.

€8.00 EUR
Shipping time: 5 days

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