About us

After decades of synthetic material fascination, we slowly start longing for some nature's touch. We are anew in love with wood, its smell and texture. Projekt Dzioopla meets this longing.

Our toys, based on ecological materials are largely developed personally by us. In each of them we put as much love and attention as we can, in order to make fun not only pleasant, but also growing. We give the youngsters knowledge of the world of nature on the media directly originating from it.

We believe in simplicity. A modest, yet deliberate form of toys from Projekt Dzioopla goes hand in hand with the sincerity of the material used. Our passion for good design translates into aesthetics of toys and the unique nature educates the child sensitivity in visual issues. At the same time we care about the development of theirs perceptiveness and analytical thinking, so valuable in the process of growing up.