Wooden animal - Zebra

Zee-Zee Hop

Although a funny name, everyone takes it seriously for their passion. And above all, Zee-Zee’s friends are astonished, because its passion is… snow. Zee-Zee has not seen it yet, but its home looks like a Winter Wonderland all the same.


A child needs different stimuli for proper growth. We face this challenge at Projekt Dzioopla. We design our genuine hand-made toys to serve versatile development. That is why we make their shape irregular, which helps develop touch, we use pleasant colors for sight development, and we design them safe, eco-friendly and durable so they can be passed through generations.
They are intended for conscious parents who like to spend time with their child productively. Zee-Zee Hop can be the starting point for story-telling about African animals. But you can also travel to the land of abstraction, in which the one-and-only Zee-Zee Hop will help your child develop out-of-the-box ways of thinking.


One wooden, zebra-shaped element. 


14,5cm x 15cm x 2cm.

Materials and Methods

Wooden elements made of leafy plywood coated with natural maple tree wood veneer.Hand-painted with acrylic paint recommended for toys. The wooden piece has been impregnated with oil composed of natural oils and vegetable wax.

This toy meets requirements of PN-EN 71-2 and PN-EN 71-3 standards ¨Safety for children¨ as well as DIN 53160 standard which ensure resistance for sweat and saliva.

Based on the latest generation glues, the plywood fulfils the requirements of hygienic class E1 (formaldehyde emission class A and requirements laid down in PN-EN 1084) or formaldehyde emission requirements according to EPA TSCA VI and CARB phase 2. 

€16.00 EUR
Shipping time: 5 days

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