Wooden letter - S

Product description

Name something, describe your mood, teach your Tot how to spell their name. Express yourself with the Alphabet!

Children will be enchanted by the magic of letters with the Alphabet blocks. Their guides to the world of word-formation will be animals whose English names correspond to the individual letters of the alphabet. Clear visual design stimulates associations with abstract issues, thus improving the education process.

As soon as during the work on the "Got My Word for It" blocks, we were guided by a precisely defined goal: we want to make it easier for the tots to acquire further communication skills. After all, it is word that are the key to discovering the world.


The Alphabet block let children discover the magic behind words. By playing the game, they begin to understand what letters are and what their function is in the communication process. The blocks illustrate various species of animal the child begins to associate their names withe over time. The kit is also a tool to teach English, which is best acquired un the early childhood years.


1 wooden block - letter S. Size of a wooden block: 5,7cm x 5,7cm x 5,7cm / 2,44in x 2,44in x 2,44in

Materials and Methods

All wooden elements are made of solid birch-tree wood, hand painted with acrylic paint recommended for toys. Each wooden piece is impregnated with oil composed of natural oils and vegetable wax.
This toy meets requirements of PN-EN 71-2 and PN-EN 71-3 standards ¨Safety for children¨ as well as DIN 53160 standard which ensure resistance for sweat and saliva.
This toy is certified by CE

€7.00 EUR
Shipping time: 5 days

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